Acid Reflux and GERD – Man Made Disease

Written By: Li Cross

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Today was a very special day in my life. My husband was cleaning out his car and handed me a half empty bottle of Antacids. He said “I haven’t needed these since I met you.” This is beyond a miracle, it is TRUTH! Antacids don’t cure anything! They only cover up really BAD Eating Habits!

Before I knew John, he at fast food every day. He kept antacids with him at all times. He had acid indigestion and acid reflux, (just like millions of other Americans). The drug companies made up this disease called “Acid Reflux”, to make YOU BUY MORE DRUGS. You will NEVER get well taking drugs to mask the problem. They don’t tell you it’s because you eat fast food and processed food way too much. They don’t want you to know the cause. If you knew that you might do something about it. Each year tens of thousands of people get dangerous surgeries to help stop the horrible acid reflux that sends stomach acid up into the throat and burns holes in their esophagus. I know this for a fact. I knew a man who did everything his doctors told him to do. He raised the head of his bed 6″ on blocks to help ease the pain of night-time indigestion. (This is not a comfortable sleeping position!) The antacids were taking toll on his body. He got muscle cramps, stomach cramps and headaches from the antacid he was taking. He NEVER got over the Acid Reflux and kept gaining weight and having more surgeries. He never changed his eating habits either. He ate fast food every day of the week. On weekends, he ate processed food and microwave dinners. When we eat fried, fast and processed foods our bodies don’t digest them properly. This causes our bodies to produce a lot more stomach acid to help break down the unknown substance in our gut. We get gassy and acid races up and down our esophagus. We often get constipated too, because we can’t break down the junk food in our gut. This is how this man-made disease is created. We end up taking laxatives and antacids and never break the cycle.

The side-effects of some drugs are worse than not taking them at all. When you continue to eat poorly, you will never cure Acid Reflux or Gerd. The surgery is just another way to make money off consumers. Stress can cause acid indigestion. However, if you eat right and eat fresh food instead of processed food, you won’t have as much stress either. Your body can handle emotional and mental issues much better when you feed it real food. I had a Health Food Store when I met John (My Husband). He would come by 2 or 3 times a week for a Chicken Salad Sandwich. It was so much better than the double cheese burgers he was eating. We got married later that year and I make his breakfast, lunch and dinner almost every day. He has trimmed down, has more energy and has not had an “antacid” since I started packing his lunch. If you have Acid Reflux or GERD, you can win the battle. Instead of stopping for fast food or making a microwave dinner, make some of my chicken salad or pick up a deli sandwich for lunch and stop the insanity of taking antacids and stool softeners. Start cooking more and “Biggie Sizing” less. This is not a diet, it’s a change in lifestyle that can save your life.