Are you still racing for a cure?

Written By: Li Cross - Jan• 16•16

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Health and Happiness are two of the only things you Can Control. You can improve your health by eating right, getting some exercise and separating yourself from toxic environments and relationships. Each day we let circumstances determine our happiness. It helps to have a positive attitude. Those with negative attitudes are always miserable. Having a strong faith in God helps us keep a more positive attitude, but when our faith is challenged by illness we tend to push God away and listen to the enemy. You’re sick, you need drugs, you need lot’s of money to pay for treatments and drugs. When I got to a point where half my income went to medication and health insurance I said “Enough!”  Then I quit taking all of my prescriptions and went in search of alternatives for getting well.  This book explains what I believe to be the truth about our medical practices and how I intend to keep out of the hands of those who want to cut and burn my body in the name of medicine. 

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