Baking Cookies with a Healthy Twist

Written By: Li Cross - Jan• 28•14


Valentine  Heart-Shaped Cookies

One of my Favorite Valentine traditions is to make Heart Shaped Valentine Cookies. Being a Health Advocate, I can’t just pick up some ready-mix, roll of cookie dough and a can of icing. I take my favorite recipe (from scratch) and replace (bleached white flour) with Organic Unbleached Flour. I replace the (sugar) with Organic Cane Sugar or Xylitol. Then I replace the (shortening) with real butter. The icing is made with organic powdered sugar and I use beet juice for my food coloring. Knowing that artificial food coloring is toxic, I refuse to use it. I also use “aluminum free” baking powder and baking soda.” When you taste these cookies you cannot tell the difference between these and the unhealthy version. Or, maybe you can because these are even better.

With any cookie recipe it’s easy to jazz it up with healthier choices. Throw out that bag of bleached flour and those sticks of artery clogging shortening. Dispose of the artificial food coloring. Make your baking experience a healthy one.

For more information on baking healthy, watch for our monthly recipe postings. Complete with nutritional facts.  

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