Cold Medicine – Bad for Your Health

Written By: Li Cross - Jan• 17•15


Cold medicine





I have done decades of research on Cold Medicines and how they effect the body. The most recent reports indicate the following:

Acetaminophen causes Liver Damage – Tylenol is the largest brand, but other brands are available also. It’s normally used for pain and fever reducer.  Every year nearly 80,000 Americans end up in the ER due to Acetaminophen poisoning. It also leads to severe liver damage.

Ibuprofen causes Ulcers and Kidney problems – Advil and Motrin contain NSAID, which we know as Ibuprofen. It’s an anti-inflammatory drug used for body aches, headaches and fever. Causes peptic ulcers and severe kidney damage. Also increases the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and stroke.

Decongestants –  Dangerous with High Blood Pressure  and Heart issues. Drugs like Triaminic and Dimetapp, Afrin Nasal Spray and Neo-Synephrine are among some of the Brand names. People with Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Glaucoma should avoid them. They give you a spike in blood pressure and slow your heart rate, also give shortness of breath and unusual nervousness.

Antihistamines – Can cause you to fall. Drugs like Benadryl, Claritin, Zyrtec , Allegra and Chlor-Timeton give relief to a runny nose, but also tend to make you sleepy. They slow your though process and coordination. You get a slower reaction time so driving can be hazardous too. Some don’t cause drowsiness but cause enlarged prostate, high blood pressure and heart disease. If you take them and have difficulty breathing or swallowing, see a doctor immediately.

When you combine Cold Medicines to battle a bad cold, you are flirting with disaster. You may experience serious side effects like High Blood Pressure, rash and irregular heartbeat. You may even have Tremors.

The human body was created to heal itself. It’s called the Immune System. When you boost the immune system with Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, you begin to get well. If you can avoid these drugs and take Vitamin D, Vitamin C and drink a lot of  water, juice and herbal tea, you can flush the virus through your body quickly. Your gut holds onto the virus and keeps you sick. Taking decongestants and antihistamines will absorb the moisture in your gut and slow digestion, prolonging the cold virus. Drinking a lot of fluids and taking probiotics to help empty the bowels will help you get well much faster. I get a cold about once in 3 years and I get over it in about 2 days. Try this method the next time you catch a cold.


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