Diabetes Reversed with Proper Diet – I have proof

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 03•15

Diabetes runs in my family. My grand parents on my dad’s side had Type 2 Diabetes, my mother had it and my  oldest brother has it. Excuse me, but I said my mother HAD Diabetes. She is 84 and still alive and healthy. She say’s she feels about 35 to 40 years old. She still drives and lives completely independently. This week her doctor took her completely off her Diabetes medicine. Her weight is steady at 135 pounds. This goes to show, it can be done.






I have been sharing Health tips with my mom for the past 10 years. She listens and makes the necessary adjustments in her diet and lifestyle to fight disease and live a better quality of life. I am not taking credit for her wellness and I applaud her for her obedience. I recently told her that Sauerkraut acts as a probiotic and helps reverse diabetes. So she cooked up a batch and ate a little every day, along with lots of fruit and vegetables. She also cut back on baked goods and shares with her neighbors when she does bake. She gets up and walks every few minutes. She walks down the street to her mail box. She goes to the store and walks and doesn’t sit around watching television. In fact, when I visit her, I can’t keep up. She runs circles around me. Her advice to others with Diabetes: “Plan each meal. Eat small amounts and Get up and move.”


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