Written By: Li Cross - Jun• 05•16

Li Cross

Diverticulitis is becoming a health condition that more and more people are familiar with. Diverticula are sac like, pea sized protrusions in the intestinal wall.  Diverticulitis happens when the diverticula in your intestines are perforated and become infected and inflamed. This is caused by an improper diet that is low in fiber, processed food and fried food. (according to most Health Care Professionals). My opinion is, this is not 100% true. I eat a very healthy diet and a handful of nuts and seeds every day and plenty of fiber, yet I believe I have diverticulitis. I think the nuts and seeds contributed to the inflammation and discomfort. It comes on with sharp pains in your lower abdomen. At night the pain continues as a dull pain. You may experience constipation even though you’re eating right. Some people experience no pain at all. Some may have a bowel movement that is painful and often followed by blood. Some people experience high fever , chills and nausea. The symptoms are very broad and you really should see your Doctor before guessing that you have Diverticulitis. 

Regardless of how I got it, I am taking action to get well. My first move was to make a Smoothie with berries, lettuce, almond milk, banana and 1/4 cup of Aloe Vera juice. The Aloe Vera will coat my intestines and help in the healing process. I will stop eating nuts and seeds until my intestines heal. Some foods make us constipated due to slower digestion. They include: Dairy products (especially cheese), meat, nuts and seeds, grains (especially rice), processed food and fried foods.

It is recommended that we eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and vegetables that are high in fiber like yams, broccoli and cabbage. Eat more garlic as it will heal and detoxify. Homemade stir-fry (no Rice) is very good with tender pea pods, bean sprouts, garlic and ginger. (saute or bake fish or chicken).

During an attack, it is beneficial to give yourself an enema and clean your intestines. Put veggies and fruit in a blender to break them down and make it easier to digest. Steam veggies for dinner. Baby food is perfectly fine too. Drink carrot juice or green juice to get proper nutrition and give your intestines a chance to heal. There are several supplements that help also. They include: Probiotics, alfalfa, L-Glutamine, Flaxseed oil, Vitamin B Complex, Garlic, Vitamin E and C. I find that liquid Calcium-Magnesium & D help me the most. I will continue to take it well after I am healed.

Take supplements as directed and ALWAYS check with your Healthcare Provider before taking any supplements or making changes in your diet as the recommendations here may not agree with your current medications. 

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