Easy Brown Rice

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 02•16

I love brown rice, but hate the mess it makes on my stovetop. It always boils over, because of the new energy efficient stoves. If you try to cook on medium heat, it never boils and medium high will burn it up. Ugh! My remedy…..Place 2 cups of brown rice and 4 cups of water in a crock pot. (I use a small one) Add a few shakes of sea salt. Turn on Hi for 3 hours. Stir twice during this time. Turn off and let it stay warm in crock pot until dinner. A bag of rice is so much cheaper than buying minute rice or boil-n-bags. This recipe is fool proof too.

I always make extra and freeze it in pint size zipper bags for another meal. Just thaw in the fridge for a day and dump into a microwave dish for heating.





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