Eat more Fiber – They say….

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 02•16

Eat more fiber…..I am so sick of hearing this. Much of my life, I went to the bathroom about twice a week and was miserable. Every doctor I went to said “Eat more Fiber”. Even after a colonoscopy……”eat more fiber.” I would eat a bran muffin and prune juice for breakfast and you know what? I got “Bloating and Gas” and still couldn’t go! Medical Doctors are not trained in Nutritional Health. All these years I suffered, and my allergies were also worse while constipated. Your gut stores bacteria and illness and you stay sick.

The truth be told…..I was vitamin deficient! That’s all!  My body needed Magnesium! Has your mom ever given you Milk of Magnesia when you were constipated? It worked didn’t it? I find that Liquid Calcium Magnesium & D (or Zinc) has healed my gut and made me regular. My allergies, are just a sniffle and my gut is no longer bloated or gassy. I highly recommend this Supplement. Find it at your local health food store. 




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