Fidget Chicks Reach Landmark

Written By: Li Cross - Nov• 30•17

The Fidget Chicks recently reached over 1000 Fidget Mats delivered since March of 2017. Most of the supplies for these wonderful mats are donated by local residents. The rest are purchased by the Chicks. The reason we keep making them, the Patients Love them. Watching someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s is difficult at best, but when you place one of these Fidget Mats in front of them, they often smile or speak for the first time in months. They play with the zippers, buttons and pulls. These sensory mats are great for hand-eye coordination and brain stimulation. We make them here in Granbury, Texas. One mat at a time. For more information, Contact: (The Original Fidget Chick)


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