Fighting Cancer, Diabetes & Heart Disease

Written By: Li Cross

Li Cross Author

I’m Li Cross. I am an Author and Home Economist. In our house we are fighting Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease. However, my husband takes one prescription drug and I don’t take any. I have come to understand how diet and our environmental surroundings play a part in our illness. I have taken extreme measures to make our home a safer place and I’ve learned how to feed our bodies with nutrition instead of processed food.

It takes a committed Lifestyle change to continuously fight disease. You can’t just eat right for a week and change your life expectancy.  In my book “Racing for a Cure, Dying to Know the Truth”, I go into more detail of how everything you put on your body goes into your bloodstream. Motor Oil causes cancer, many body lotions and soaps cause cancer, many sun screens cause cancer…..etc. etc….

When I found out I had skin cancer, I thought my life was over. The doctor used “Scare tactics” and didn’t even tell me how to survive with it. Let alone reverse the effects of it. I do believe that the sunscreen I used actually gave me the skin cancer. For more information go to (Environmental Working Group) website. They list safe products and also list the dangers of the items in your medicine cabinet, or under your kitchen sink.

Most restaurants use “processed food” and “toxic additives” to make your meal tasty. If you eat out often, you are preparing your body for devastation. Everybody wants a quick fix. It seems that nobody wants to cook anymore. After a long day at work, I don’t want to cook either, but the health of my family is more important than taking the easy way out and ordering a pizza. We should eat less in the evening anyway.

A few great ideas for a healthy, easy dinner are:

Salads with diced leftover chicken

A Fruit and Cheese Plate with nuts and dates

A Tuna Sandwich

A Yogurt Parfait

Fresh Fruit Smoothie

These are just a few things that your family may enjoy and they take about 15 minutes or less to make.

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Note: The content in this eMagazine is intended to help you make better decisions. I am not a Medical Doctor and I cannot give Health advice. Do not stop taking prescription drugs without first speaking with your Medical Professionals.