Inside Cats Must Have Water

Written By: Li Cross - Sep• 19•15

Oliver the beautifulCats need water just like people do. When you have an indoor cat it is extremely important they have fresh water daily. A cat’s litter box contains a very absorbent clay and chemical combination that makes their kitty poop dry up quickly and not stink. It clumps the urine into little rocks. When residue of this “kitty litter” gets on their paws, they lick it off and the chemical gets into their system. That same super drying formula can seriously damage your cats kidney’s and other vital organs. It’s very important that the cat have access to fresh water to help keep his/her body functioning properly. Many cats die from kidney failure. This is one reason they have kidney problems. The other reason is the colored dyes used in making cat food look tasty. Those dyes can effect your cat”s digestion and mood. Please share this information.


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