I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 16•15

Prednizone – Lipitor – Abilify – Celexa – Cymbalta – Lisinopril

Most Americans over the age of 40 are taking at least one prescription drug. However, none of them seem to be getting well. They maintain some sort of normal lifestyle, then the unthinkable happens. They fall and can’t get up! They fall and break a hip! They end up in a Nursing Home because they can’t take care of themselves! The family goes broke keeping that loved one in the Nursing Home and the Drug Manufacturers are getting Rich. I believe they fall because “Dizziness” is a side effect of most drugs and they can’t get up because “Muscle Loss” is a major side effect of the Cholesterol Lowering Drugs they are taking! Boniva and other Bone density drugs only make bones brittle! They don’t make them stronger! This is a fact.

Here are just a few of the “Side-Effects” of some of the most popular prescription drugs taken by millions today.

Lipitor / Atorvastatin (for Cholesterol) – Causes diabetes, loss of muscle, weakness and liver disease.

Abilify (for Mood Disorders) – Causes drooling, dizziness, weight gain, & tiredness. Caution, Psych Drugs may cause murder or suicide!

Celexa (for Depression) – Causes depression, drowsiness & blurred vision.

Lisinopril (for Blood Pressure) – Causes dizziness, cough and tiredness.

Lyrica (Shingles, Diabetic Nerve Pain) – Causes dizziness, swollen arms, legs and feet and weight gain.

Prednizone (for arthritis, allergies & cancer) – Causes Immune disorders, heartburn, sweating, excess swelling of face, feet, and legs. Unusual weight gain, vision problems, weakness, vomit looks like coffee grounds (from blood) and black, bloody stools. Depression, thinning skin, seizures, bruising and bleeding. Worsens diabetes and rising blood sugar levels. Swollen throat and trouble breathing.

I believe that the drug “Prednizone” was a major factor in my dad’s death. Side effects include: Excess swelling of the face, legs and feet, unusual weight gain, vision problems, weakness, depression, bone pain, thinning skin, seizures and diabetes due to rising blood sugar levels. Swollen throat and trouble breathing! In fact, the side effects were much worse than the arthritis pain he had when prescribed the drug! He also had dementia, which has not been ruled out from prior prescription drugs taken.

My husband was on a Statin drug for Cholesterol and it effected his Liver, sending him to the hospital for CT Scans and MRI’s. All due to the drug – Lipitor. Prescription drugs also effect your brain, kidney’s and heart. We need cholesterol for brain function and we also need blood in our brain for it to function properly. Taking Blood Pressure meds and Cholesterol meds contribute to brain malfunction.

How to fight back: Get up, Get some exercise, eat right (stop eating processed food and fast food. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables) and then see your medical provider about getting off your drugs.

For more information about Drugs and Side-Effects, visit FDA.gov or use a search engine to locate your prescription drug and the side effects.


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