Jennifer loses 175 pounds with Lifestyle Change

Written By: Li Cross

Lifestyle change is the only way to lose weight and get your health back. Jennifer is my best friend’s daughter. She lives in Hallettsville, Texas and recently had to make lifestyle changes, or die. Jennifer has lost over 175 pounds since I last saw her. She is the mother of 3 beautiful little girls and loves her family. She also works full time and prepares healthy meals for her family every day.

Here is her story: 

Jen after weight loss   Jen before weight loss


“I weighed 373 pounds and was having tummy issues so I was referred to a gastro doctor. He noticed my large neck and said I should get it checked out, so I got an ultrasound on my neck. They noticed large nodules and referred me to an ENT. He did a biopsy and it came back negative but I knew something was wrong, so I went ahead and met with a surgeon to have it removed thinking it’s just nodules, but when they sent it off to the lab for a biopsy it came back as “thyroid cancer”. Then they told me ” it’s the good cancer” so I believed them. We’ll they were wrong and the side effects were going to be for life. I also had the worry of were it may spread to next. That’s the thing with thyroid cancer,  it travels and can appear anywhere in my body.  That is a stress I have that weighs very heavy on my mind. I had my thyroid removed and took a special radiation drug. Getting well from cancer and losing weight takes dedication and a Lifestyle Change. There is no other way to survive it”

 Jennifer eats about 1/3 of the food on her plate and avoids fried food, sugar, pasta and soft drinks. She drinks a lot of water and eats a lot of fresh vegetables. She say’s that you have to learn when to push away from the table.  She exercises daily and has already lost over 175 pounds. She tells me she has about 20 pounds to go. I am so proud of her! This is a real life story and not promoted by some television show. It’s my friends daughter for goodness sake. Please feel free to comment on this article and tell us your success story.


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