Easy Brown Rice

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 02•16

I love brown rice, but hate the mess it makes on my stovetop. It always boils over, because of the new energy efficient stoves. If you try to cook on medium heat, it never boils and medium high will burn it up. Ugh! My remedy…..Place 2 cups of brown rice and 4 cups of water in a crock pot. (I use a small one) Add a few shakes of sea salt. Turn on Hi for 3 hours. Stir twice during this time. Turn off and let it stay warm in crock pot until dinner. A bag of rice is so much cheaper than buying minute rice or boil-n-bags. This recipe is fool proof too.

I always make extra and freeze it in pint size zipper bags for another meal. Just thaw in the fridge for a day and dump into a microwave dish for heating.





Eat more Fiber – They say….

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 02•16

Eat more fiber…..I am so sick of hearing this. Much of my life, I went to the bathroom about twice a week and was miserable. Every doctor I went to said “Eat more Fiber”. Even after a colonoscopy……”eat more fiber.” I would eat a bran muffin and prune juice for breakfast and you know what? I got “Bloating and Gas” and still couldn’t go! Medical Doctors are not trained in Nutritional Health. All these years I suffered, and my allergies were also worse while constipated. Your gut stores bacteria and illness and you stay sick.

The truth be told…..I was vitamin deficient! That’s all!  My body needed Magnesium! Has your mom ever given you Milk of Magnesia when you were constipated? It worked didn’t it? I find that Liquid Calcium Magnesium & D (or Zinc) has healed my gut and made me regular. My allergies, are just a sniffle and my gut is no longer bloated or gassy. I highly recommend this Supplement. Find it at your local health food store. 




The Queen of Leftovers

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 01•16

I absolutely love “chicken night”. It means I get 2 more days of easy meals. I begin by making a whole chicken for the two of us. We both eat a piece or two and I cut the rest into small chunks and freeze them in two pint size freezer bags. If you have a whole family to feed….make two chickens. I usually bake mine on a chicken chimney or in a crock pot. The leftovers in the freezer can easily be pulled out in the morning, placed in the fridge and thawed in one day. I now have the base for chicken pot pie, chicken noodle soup, chicken Shepherd’s pie, chicken enchiladas, etc. Saving the chicken like this cuts out about 30 minutes of preparation and I always have frozen mixed organic veggies and boxed chicken broth on hand for quick healthy meals. The reason I buy whole chickens, it’s cheap and doesn’t have preservatives and junk in it.

You can do the same with ground beef. Cook 2 pounds instead of 1. Use half and freeze half for another meal prep. Mix with spaghetti sauce or make chili, tacos, enchiladas, Shepherd’s pie, and so on. By cooking more than enough and taking 5 minutes to pack and freeze it, you just saved yourself 30 to 45 minutes in the future. Another leftover tip: Leftover veggies, place in a freezer container and keep until you make soup. Leftover mashed potatoes: Make Shepherd’s pie the next day, using the leftover veggies and the chicken you froze. Top with cheddar and bake 25 minutes.


Here is my Shepherd’s pie recipe:



2 cups of cooked chicken – diced

1- 1/2 cups of Free Range Chicken Broth

1 pkg. frozen organic mixed vegetables

1/2 cup shredded raw cheddar

3 to 4 Cups Mashed Red Potatoes (or organic instant, follow instructions on pkg)

2 TBS Butter

Sea Salt and Pepper

2 TBS Corn Starch


Scrub 4 to 5 Medium Red Potatoes and cut in half, boil them in water until tender. Drain the potatoes, add butter and mash them. (Or make instant.)

Cook frozen vegetables in the chicken broth. Mix 2 TBS Corn starch with ¼ cup water and thicken the broth/vegetable mixture. Layer the bottom of a large casserole dish with cooked chicken. Add the vegetables to the casserole. Spread mashed potatoes over the vegetables in the casserole. Sprinkle the cheese on top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.


Written By: Li Cross - Jun• 05•16

Li Cross

Diverticulitis is becoming a health condition that more and more people are familiar with. Diverticula are sac like, pea sized protrusions in the intestinal wall.  Diverticulitis happens when the diverticula in your intestines are perforated and become infected and inflamed. This is caused by an improper diet that is low in fiber, processed food and fried food. (according to most Health Care Professionals). My opinion is, this is not 100% true. I eat a very healthy diet and a handful of nuts and seeds every day and plenty of fiber, yet I believe I have diverticulitis. I think the nuts and seeds contributed to the inflammation and discomfort. It comes on with sharp pains in your lower abdomen. At night the pain continues as a dull pain. You may experience constipation even though you’re eating right. Some people experience no pain at all. Some may have a bowel movement that is painful and often followed by blood. Some people experience high fever , chills and nausea. The symptoms are very broad and you really should see your Doctor before guessing that you have Diverticulitis. 

Regardless of how I got it, I am taking action to get well. My first move was to make a Smoothie with berries, lettuce, almond milk, banana and 1/4 cup of Aloe Vera juice. The Aloe Vera will coat my intestines and help in the healing process. I will stop eating nuts and seeds until my intestines heal. Some foods make us constipated due to slower digestion. They include: Dairy products (especially cheese), meat, nuts and seeds, grains (especially rice), processed food and fried foods.

It is recommended that we eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and vegetables that are high in fiber like yams, broccoli and cabbage. Eat more garlic as it will heal and detoxify. Homemade stir-fry (no Rice) is very good with tender pea pods, bean sprouts, garlic and ginger. (saute or bake fish or chicken).

During an attack, it is beneficial to give yourself an enema and clean your intestines. Put veggies and fruit in a blender to break them down and make it easier to digest. Steam veggies for dinner. Baby food is perfectly fine too. Drink carrot juice or green juice to get proper nutrition and give your intestines a chance to heal. There are several supplements that help also. They include: Probiotics, alfalfa, L-Glutamine, Flaxseed oil, Vitamin B Complex, Garlic, Vitamin E and C. I find that liquid Calcium-Magnesium & D help me the most. I will continue to take it well after I am healed.

Take supplements as directed and ALWAYS check with your Healthcare Provider before taking any supplements or making changes in your diet as the recommendations here may not agree with your current medications. 

Are you still racing for a cure?

Written By: Li Cross - Jan• 16•16

Racing for a Cure Front Cover






Health and Happiness are two of the only things you Can Control. You can improve your health by eating right, getting some exercise and separating yourself from toxic environments and relationships. Each day we let circumstances determine our happiness. It helps to have a positive attitude. Those with negative attitudes are always miserable. Having a strong faith in God helps us keep a more positive attitude, but when our faith is challenged by illness we tend to push God away and listen to the enemy. You’re sick, you need drugs, you need lot’s of money to pay for treatments and drugs. When I got to a point where half my income went to medication and health insurance I said “Enough!”  Then I quit taking all of my prescriptions and went in search of alternatives for getting well.  This book explains what I believe to be the truth about our medical practices and how I intend to keep out of the hands of those who want to cut and burn my body in the name of medicine. 

For a copy of “Racing for a Cure, Dying to Know the Truth” send me an email at:

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Inside Cats Must Have Water

Written By: Li Cross - Sep• 19•15

Oliver the beautifulCats need water just like people do. When you have an indoor cat it is extremely important they have fresh water daily. A cat’s litter box contains a very absorbent clay and chemical combination that makes their kitty poop dry up quickly and not stink. It clumps the urine into little rocks. When residue of this “kitty litter” gets on their paws, they lick it off and the chemical gets into their system. That same super drying formula can seriously damage your cats kidney’s and other vital organs. It’s very important that the cat have access to fresh water to help keep his/her body functioning properly. Many cats die from kidney failure. This is one reason they have kidney problems. The other reason is the colored dyes used in making cat food look tasty. Those dyes can effect your cat”s digestion and mood. Please share this information.


Making Up Diseases!

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 27•15

ladies-room1Are they “Making up Diseases” just to make more money?? In my opinion, YES!


Over-Active Bladder Syndrome. (When you drink both coffee and tea in the same day, you may have to go to the bathroom more than once.) You now have Over-Active Bladder Syndrome and need a Drug to stop the frequent urges to urinate. The drug causes constipation, liver and kidney damage, high blood pressure and urinary tract infections! The alternative to taking this drug is to simply urinate. However, if you are not in a place to quickly empty your bladder – just wear bladder control panties (Depends, Always, Poise) and let it go. Are you kidding me?

I know that are some cases where these panties are necessary, but 1 in 3 women are now told they need them! I know some women sneeze and they leak. I know some women have problems down there, but seriously, one in three?

Acne – This one always amazes me by how far they will go. There are now New Drugs to help with acne. Onexton is one of them– One of the precautions is that it may cause bloody stools, colitis and death! It causes skin rash, blurred vision and upset stomach.

Acne is normal. Our bodies are changing and hormones are racing all through our teens. Teens eat junk food and drink soda pop, monster drinks and such. Washing your face and hands frequently helps a lot. Eating less junk food and carbonated/sugary beverages helps a lot too.

I knew several teenage friends who went to their dermatologist for acne. Those friends turned 20 with pits in their faces and scars from the removal of acne. Much of my own acne came from junk food and touching my face with my hands. When the neighbor lady told me to quit touching my face and wash my hands, my acne cleared up!

I know, there are people with chronic acne who have tried everything and can’t seem to clear up their skin. My suggestion is to keep a food log and see if the problem lies in diet alone. (Some foods cause hormones to go ballistic and others calm the hormones.) Make new habits to wash hands and face frequently. Or you can go to a Dermatologist and spend hundreds of dollars to end up with a pitted rutty face. All of us have those friends with nice smooth skin. Is it luck or is it choices they made. My friends with the smooth skin don’t eat junk food or drink sugary beverages. There could be some truth to this after all.

This is my own personal opinion and not meant to be medical advice in any way.





I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 16•15

Prednizone – Lipitor – Abilify – Celexa – Cymbalta – Lisinopril

Most Americans over the age of 40 are taking at least one prescription drug. However, none of them seem to be getting well. They maintain some sort of normal lifestyle, then the unthinkable happens. They fall and can’t get up! They fall and break a hip! They end up in a Nursing Home because they can’t take care of themselves! The family goes broke keeping that loved one in the Nursing Home and the Drug Manufacturers are getting Rich. I believe they fall because “Dizziness” is a side effect of most drugs and they can’t get up because “Muscle Loss” is a major side effect of the Cholesterol Lowering Drugs they are taking! Boniva and other Bone density drugs only make bones brittle! They don’t make them stronger! This is a fact.

Here are just a few of the “Side-Effects” of some of the most popular prescription drugs taken by millions today.

Lipitor / Atorvastatin (for Cholesterol) – Causes diabetes, loss of muscle, weakness and liver disease.

Abilify (for Mood Disorders) – Causes drooling, dizziness, weight gain, & tiredness. Caution, Psych Drugs may cause murder or suicide!

Celexa (for Depression) – Causes depression, drowsiness & blurred vision.

Lisinopril (for Blood Pressure) – Causes dizziness, cough and tiredness.

Lyrica (Shingles, Diabetic Nerve Pain) – Causes dizziness, swollen arms, legs and feet and weight gain.

Prednizone (for arthritis, allergies & cancer) – Causes Immune disorders, heartburn, sweating, excess swelling of face, feet, and legs. Unusual weight gain, vision problems, weakness, vomit looks like coffee grounds (from blood) and black, bloody stools. Depression, thinning skin, seizures, bruising and bleeding. Worsens diabetes and rising blood sugar levels. Swollen throat and trouble breathing.

I believe that the drug “Prednizone” was a major factor in my dad’s death. Side effects include: Excess swelling of the face, legs and feet, unusual weight gain, vision problems, weakness, depression, bone pain, thinning skin, seizures and diabetes due to rising blood sugar levels. Swollen throat and trouble breathing! In fact, the side effects were much worse than the arthritis pain he had when prescribed the drug! He also had dementia, which has not been ruled out from prior prescription drugs taken.

My husband was on a Statin drug for Cholesterol and it effected his Liver, sending him to the hospital for CT Scans and MRI’s. All due to the drug – Lipitor. Prescription drugs also effect your brain, kidney’s and heart. We need cholesterol for brain function and we also need blood in our brain for it to function properly. Taking Blood Pressure meds and Cholesterol meds contribute to brain malfunction.

How to fight back: Get up, Get some exercise, eat right (stop eating processed food and fast food. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables) and then see your medical provider about getting off your drugs.

For more information about Drugs and Side-Effects, visit FDA.gov or use a search engine to locate your prescription drug and the side effects.


Diabetes Reversed with Proper Diet – I have proof

Written By: Li Cross - Jul• 03•15

Diabetes runs in my family. My grand parents on my dad’s side had Type 2 Diabetes, my mother had it and my  oldest brother has it. Excuse me, but I said my mother HAD Diabetes. She is 84 and still alive and healthy. She say’s she feels about 35 to 40 years old. She still drives and lives completely independently. This week her doctor took her completely off her Diabetes medicine. Her weight is steady at 135 pounds. This goes to show, it can be done.






I have been sharing Health tips with my mom for the past 10 years. She listens and makes the necessary adjustments in her diet and lifestyle to fight disease and live a better quality of life. I am not taking credit for her wellness and I applaud her for her obedience. I recently told her that Sauerkraut acts as a probiotic and helps reverse diabetes. So she cooked up a batch and ate a little every day, along with lots of fruit and vegetables. She also cut back on baked goods and shares with her neighbors when she does bake. She gets up and walks every few minutes. She walks down the street to her mail box. She goes to the store and walks and doesn’t sit around watching television. In fact, when I visit her, I can’t keep up. She runs circles around me. Her advice to others with Diabetes: “Plan each meal. Eat small amounts and Get up and move.”


Black Bean Salsa

Written By: Li Cross - May• 24•15

My Black Bean Salsa is both versatile and delicious! I made a batch this week and we’ve enjoyed a different meal every day using the same batch. I started with the basic Black Bean Salsa and Organic Blue Corn Chips. The next day I added 1 cup of this Salsa to 1 cup of diced chicken and filled pita pockets for some awesome Chicken Pita Pockets (sprinkle with shredded cheese).Tomorrow I will add 2 cups of Black Bean Salsa to 2 cups of chicken broth and one cup of diced chicken for Chicken Tortilla Soup. (Season with chili powder and cumin. Another great recipe is to add 2 cups of this Salsa to 1 can of tomato sauce and 1 pound of ground beef for a colorful, delicious chili. (Season with more chili powder) Then you can add one cup of this awesome salsa to scrambled eggs for Ranchero Eggs. The possibilities are endless and you never get tired of the same thing 3 to 4 times a week.

This Black Bean Salsa is inexpensive to make, and satisfying for the whole family. Save huge on your grocery budget when there are no left-overs and nothing gets wasted.

Here is the Recipe:


Black Bean Salsa




Li’s Black Bean Salsa

½  can (15 oz.) black beans, rinsed and drained

1 cup fresh or frozen corn (thaw)

1 can petite diced tomatoes

½ cup chopped sweet onion

½ cup chopped bell pepper

2 TBS lemon juice

1 tsp. chili powder

¼ tsp. sea salt

2 Tbs. chopped cilantro (optional)


Combine in a bowl and serve with Organic tortilla chips.