Probiotics – Can Reverse Diabetes

Written By: Li Cross - Feb• 03•15

Probiotics are finally getting recognized by regular medical professionals. They are the beneficial bacteria we refer to as digestive enzymes. They replace and move bad bacteria  and toxins out of the gut. Creating an environment of better health in your gut and colon. They also help you trim down.  It is important to take probiotics any time you take an antibiotic, because the antibiotic wipes out the good bacteria along with the bad. It’s especially important to take Probiotics when you have the flu, slow digestion and allergies. Keeping a healthy gut relieves allergy symptoms. I have been taking them for years. Yogurt has probiotics in it, but most commercial brands have too may fattening ingredients like sugars and artificial colors and flavors. Greek Yogurt is a better choice in yogurts, but beware of cheap commercial brands. I normally get my yogurt from the Health Food area in my store. Medical studies have proven that Probiotics can indeed reverse Diabetes and some cancers, along with a healthy lifestyle. 


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