Spring is both Fresh and Sweet

Written By: Li Cross - Apr• 29•15

Spring – A wonderful time to renew your health and brighten your kitchen. Clean off those counter tops and place a fresh bowl of fruit on them. Clean out the fridge and add fresh boiled eggs for snacking and lot’s of fresh “ready to munch” carrots, celery and grapes. Changing your snacking habits can make a big difference in the way you feel. Most snacks are full of sodium, sugar and calories.

fruit Most of us don’t get enough fruit and veggies in our diet. Breakfast smoothies can really give you a boost. Starting with a cup of yogurt, you can add  1/2 cup purified water, berries, a banana, and some honey for a really tasty smoothie. Making a chopped salad for dinner lets you utilize several leafy greens and add avocado, chicken, and your favorite Southwest dressing.

Next, you will want to revamp that pantry. Toss the stale cereal and make room for local honey, raw agave nectar and iced tea. If you really want a tasty raspberry lemonade with half the calories, try this: 1 Quart of lemonade (Country Time) and add one quart of Raspberry Zinger tea. It tastes great and has half the calories of other sweet teas. You’ll find recipes for salads and smoothies at the right side tab of this eMagazine. Feel free to comment.





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