Your body was made to be self healing

Written By: Li Cross - Feb• 24•15

Your body was made to be self-healing. When you cut your finger, you place a Band-aid on it and it heals. When we break a bone, we put a cast on it and it heals. The same goes for internal injuries, like disease. The way to heal disease is through a thing called “The Human Immune System”. When working properly, it will heal a cold, flu, virus and even diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Yes, I just said that. Most disease is simply Mal-Nutrition. Not getting proper nutrition will allow you to get sicker.

Our immune system functions well when we eat real food. Food that has not been modified with additive, colors, flavors and preservatives. Processed food will not give you health, but instead it makes you sicker. All of us have “some” cancer” living in us at all times. Whether it grows is up to our diet and lifestyle. Eating fast food, processed food, sugar and taking prescription drugs will grow cancer. Eating right and getting some exercise each day will fight cancer.  The same process goes for Heart Disease and Diabetes. Prescription drugs are toxins. While making you feel better in some aspects, they reap havoc in others. Read the fine print!

Since our Central Nervous System is in our spine, wouldn’t it make good sense to see a Chiropractor when you have a pain or illness and the Medical Doctor doesn’t know how to cure it? They give you Antibiotics, CT Scans, MRI’s and charge you a fortune, then tell you they don’t know how to cure it. That’s the story all too often in this day and time. A Chiropractor will adjust your spine so your body can function more adequately and a good Chiropractor will even discuss your eating habits so you can get your immune system optimized. This leads to feeling better and ultimately resolves the problem. I had Shingles a year ago. My doctor wanted to give me 3 prescriptions and some lotion and told me they last about 3 to 4 weeks. I then went to my Chiropractor. She adjusted my spine and I took an over-the-counter pain pill for the pain. I was over the shingles in just a few more days.

The next time you go to the Doctor and they write you a prescription for “the Flavor of the Month”, read the fine print and decide whether or not you want to poison your body and experience the side-effects.

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