What’s a Fidget Chick?

Written By: Li Cross

Fidget Chicks are a group of Women in Granbury, Texas that make Sensory Pats for Dementia Patients. There are 15 “Fidget Chicks” in the Pecan Plantation neighborhood, and we meet each week to gather supplies, share ideas and make Fidget Mats for Dementia Patients. We’ve made over 5,000 of these wonderful Fidget Mats and deliver them to Nursing Homes across North Texas. We have sent them as far as Washington and Michigan too. (We ask that the receiving Nursing Home help pay for the postage). They are FREE to the patients and help with memory care, manual dexterity and often bring a smile to the recipient.

A “Fidget Mat” is made by simply taking a solid color place mat and attaching zippers, gadgets and do-dads that can easily be sewn on. We don’t recommend using glue, it often lets go and small objects could be a hazard. There are photos throughout this website that show many of the items we put on a mat.

Our Mission is to have groups like ours making these wonderful mats across the USA. Share this idea with the men and women who sew, and want to fill a need. They would make Fidget Mats in their towns and deliver them to local Nursing Homes. I am the Founder of the “Fidget Chicks”. It would be interesting to see what other names are popping up for these groups. Ft Worth area has a group named “Fidget Friends.” They saw me with my Fidget Mats at a local Christian Women’s Connection and formed their own group. I am so proud of them! There are Fidget Friend groups like ours in 8 states and growing.  Making these mats, we use every possible item and waste nothing. If the zipper is too long, cut it to fit the area on the mat and use the scrapped pieces to anchor items like Lego blocks, hoops and toys. A zipper is stronger than a shoe lace or ribbon and makes a wonderful anchor. 

We have a facebook page: “Fidget Chicks” in Granbury Texas. Follow us and share your Fidget Mat experience there.

Here are some examples of our Fidget Mats. This is good therapy for us as well as the patient. Contact me for more information: [email protected]  (I am the Founder)