A Huge Thank-You to Supply Donations

Written By: Li Cross

These wonderful Fidget Mats are made by hand. They help people with Dementia, Stroke and Alzheimer’s. They also help children with ADD, ADHD and Autism, by giving them something to fidget with. The gadgets often strike a memory and bring a smile to the user.  We are now donating over 100 mats per month. The supplies we use can get expensive, so I put a message on “Nextdoor Pecan” (our neighborhood social media site) and asked people to check their junk drawers and garage sale items for anything they could donate. I am still amazed and humbled by the response from neighbors who donate much needed supplies. Including: Place mats, zippers, patches, elastic, gadgets and key chains. After NBC News and Hood County News did articles about the Fidget Chicks and our Fidget Mat Ministry, people all over North Texas started contacting me.  Sharon Pelcher in Granbury wanted to donate a huge stack of place mats that were her mother’s. She spoke to her “internet savvy friends” and they were able to search and find my phone number. Thank you Sharon for the kind donation of mats. We also accept cash donations for supplies. There is a button on this page that you can click on. We have donated over 500 Fidget Mats this year and hope to reach 1000 by December 2017. Though we are well stocked today….we go through over 100 mats per month and 500 gadgets on them.  If you need a Fidget Mat for a loved one, please send me a message and I will gladly ship it to you. My email is li@licross.com