Fidget Chicks – Making Fidget Mats for Memory Care

Written By: Li Cross

These Chicks make Fidget Mats for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients. They drive to local nursing homes in the Ft Worth area and donate them. This is Love. Through social media and word of mouth, they are getting continuous donations of place mats, zippers, key chains, lace, and gadgets for the mats. The Pecan Plantation community has come together to support this mission. There is a Supply Donation box at on my front door step where locals can drop off goods, knowing that someone will benefit from their donation. Each week I post a few mats on Nextdoor Pecan, (social media) so the community can see the donated items sewn onto a mat and then packaged up for delivery. Then they are driven to Nursing Homes in North Texas and donated for Memory Care patients.  The “Fidgeting Texas” movement was started when Li Cross lost her daddy and her mother started making Fidget Mats for others. The Fidget Chicks of Granbury, Texas started making them in 2017, and have delivered over 500 mats in just  6 months.