Fidget Mats for Alzheimer’s Patients

Written By: Li Cross - Feb• 04•15

Alzheimer’s patients don’t just lose their memory, they lose touch with the world and it’s so hard on both the patient and the family. My mother told me about this Fidget Mat she made for the Nursing Home where my dad was. I took the idea and gave it some thought, then I dug out my sewing machine and purchased some quilted placemats and started making them. Some are specifically for a woman’s memory and some are for men. I was careful not to put anything sharp or pointed on them (for the patient’s safety) and nothing they could put in their mouth and choke on. I wanted to use items that would spark a memory, like a whistle, a wooden thread spool, a car key, a ruler or a baby bootie. Then I wanted something to give them manual dexterity like a zipper, buttons or a shoelace to tie. I attached the ruler with Velcro so they could re-attach it and keep it with the mat. I also added several swatches of bright cotton fabric sewn together at one end, so they could flip through them and see the pretty fabric swatches. Anything to help them think and remember. My trademark is placing a Cross or miniature bible on each mat to remind them of their Lord and Savior.  







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If you would like one of these wonderful mats, contact me at and I will get one to you. I am charging $15 each with FREE Shipping. Li Cross.




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