Fidget Chicks Donate over 4,000 Sensory Mats for Dementia Patients

Written By: Li Cross - Aug• 22•20

The Fidget Chicks of Granbury Texas are a small group of ladies who make Sensory Mats for Dementia patients. They started sewing these wonderful Fidget Mats 3 years ago and have donated more than 4,000 across Texas and the USA. The Texas Country Reporter TV show features them in a powerful video that bring tears to the eyes of those who know the effects of dementia on a loved one.

“Our Mission is to have women’s groups across the USA making these Fidget Mats for their community Nursing Homes. There are groups popping up all over! We don’t charge for our Fidget Mats. We donate them. We package them in 10 packs to ship to the Nursing Homes. We also send single fidget mats to families who request them. Postage and shipping is our biggest expense.  Most of the supplies are purchased by the Fidget Chicks or donated by the community who want to help any way they can.” Li Cross- Founder

If you want to help, contact Li Cross for a FREE Starter Kit to start your own group. Email:

If you don’t sew and want to help, they do accept donations here on this Fidget Chick site or by check to:

Fidget Chicks  9703 Bocage Ct., Granbury, TX 76049.








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