Fidget Chicks deliver Fidget Mats

Written By: Li Cross - Jan• 07•21

The Fidget Chicks of Granbury, Texas make these wonderful Fidget Mats for Dementia Patients.

We hand deliver them all across North Texas and mail them across the USA. Our mission is to encourage you to form groups like us in your Home Town to make them, and deliver them. We sent 1,216 Fidget Mats to those in need in 2020. The COVID 19 Virus did not keep us down. We kept making them and mailing them. Postage was very expensive on packages of 10 that we send to Nursing Homes.

We have a “Donate” button on this page. If you can help us pay for postage, it would bless us all. We do not charge for our Fidget Mats. We donate them. Look them up on Pinterest and other Online sites, they are very expensive to buy. I feel that the families of loved ones with Dementia have enough to pay for with medical costs, and I decided when we started this Mission to Donate our Fidget Mats. Our supplies are purchased at Thrift Stores, Garage Sales and Donated by local folks who know our mission. God Bless you, to all who have made donations to our cause. We’re changing lives all over the USA with these Fidget Mats. 

Li Cross – Founder

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