LEW App for Dementia Caregivers

Written By: Li Cross - Jun• 05•24

This LEW app for the phones is amazing! We have been to two seminars to learn about it. Your loved one shares the app too. You can select which part of the app will benefit the loved one’s phone (like photos of family members, home and surroundings) It will list the names of the family members to help with memory. Then your phone has ALL the other important information.  There is a place for Appointments, Medicines to take and bathroom activities like brushing teeth and showering.  It’s very helpful when you meet with new Providers and they need to know all the Med’s they’re taking, etc. Check out the website and see what they have to offer.

www.lewapp.org ,   Facebook: Lew, A Dementia App,    Instagram: @lew_app

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